Friday, 26 June 2015

Its been a while...

Hello my people, how una dey? It's been a while abi? I wonder if I even have an audience on this blog yet, infact, that has been one of the reasons for my long absence. Sometimes I feel I'm just talking to myself and as I write,
one voice in my head keeps telling me "who are you even writing these things to? You do not even have blog visitors yet" but I know the voice is not of the Lord and just as the Bible says "resist the devil and he'll flee from you", I shake the bastard off! lol. I know that little by little, I will get there, there is no hurry in life.

Anyways, apart from my short bout of what do I call it? depression? lol, another reason I haven't blogged for a minute is that I've been a little busy. Some days are just so packed that before I know what's happening it evening and the day is over! sometimes I'm forced to ask myself "kobnomi, who sent you"? I even dream about the things I have to do in my sleep and wake up wishing what was done in the dream can be transferred to real life!
You see, I always say that being a mother is not a day's job.Apart from the stress of pregnancy and bringing the children into the world, the real deal is taking care of them when they finally arrive.

Combining motherhood and the various other things you have to do is not easy at all and I salute all successful women out there who have raised their families as well as built their careers or businesses. They make it seem like a walk in the park but in truth, I know they have been through a lot to get to where they are today, I mean, even being a housewife is a full time job! We are just a special specie, God made us well!

So my friends, I do solemnly declare that this kind of thing will not happen again, lol. i'm just starting and this kind of behaviour is not good at all! However, I need a very little favour from you all. If you visit this blog, or you've just stumbled on it, I'll like you to please drop a comment so I know you're here. This blog is all for sharing and learning and I look forward to your advice, suggestions, criticisms etc.

Till my next post, be good. xo

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