Monday, 29 June 2015

Thank God its Monday!

Happy new week everyone. Yaay! Its another Monday, lol. I hope you all had a lovely weekend, or at least a restful one. I said  "restful" because  it is really important that you take out
time to relax your body and mind which has been put to use throughout the past five working days so you can be rejuvenated to face new challenges.I always see weekends as an opportunity to rest from the hustle and bustle that the weekdays are characterised by,spend quality time with family and friends, attend parties and weddings *wink*, take stock of what I have been able to achieve or not achieve during the past week, and also strategize on how to get better results and meet my set goals for the new week. There is a saying that "he who fights and runs away lives to fight another day." There will always be things to do, even when you have concluded a particular task, you find out that there is another one waiting to be done somewhere and it goes on and on. This new week, adopt the winning attitude, set out to accomplish your goals and you will.

Here's wishing you a very wonderful week. may all you set your mind on this week come through, amen.

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