Thursday, 23 July 2015


All around me I'm seeing so many women and girls who have gone natural and its safe to say that natural hair is now the in thing. Everyone is either transitioning or chopping off their permed hair to go natural. Whoever started or inspired this team natural thing should be applauded because at least it make us as black women appreciate and nurture the hair God gave us,
though I must say that maintaining our natural african hair is such a chore . Sometimes I wonder why we africans were created with such coarse hair that's so difficult to maintain, but I guess we are just special aren't we?
I can remember when we were growing up my mother didn't let any of us relax our hair till we got into the university, neither did we use attachments or weavon (yea, she was strict like that, lol. Her strictness is gist for another day) so we were stuck with weaving, tie-tie or afro, lol. We (I in particular, I speak for myself, lol) envied my friends and classmates who had their hair permed/jerry curled or braided with attachments and weavon, not just for the beauty or variety of styles they enjoyed but for the pain I was going through. You see, I have a very full head of hair which is also very lengthy and making it took a lot of time which I dreaded. Apart from that, the pain I endured when the hair dresser combed my hair, or the tiny rashes and boils that erupted from my scalp due to tightness of the tie tie was enough to scare me. The days my mom packed my hair in a ponytail or let me keep an afro was pure bliss for me as I was free from any sort of pain or discomfort and I made sure I flaunted it as much as I could. By God's grace I endured and waited patiently till I was done with secondary school, my admission into the university marked my freedom from my natural hair wahala and in all my years of keeping my natural hair, all I ever did to it was wash with shampoo, dry, apply hair cream and comb! Fast forward many years later, naturalistas are coming up with all sorts to take care of their hair. Steaming, conditioning, applying both natural and off the counter products which costs up to several thousands,and even carrying a water spray around to spray on the hair every hour. Isn't it a little too much? Who has time to do all that? Me thinks most of these products are overhyped and the manufacturers just want to sell market. God did not give us this hair as punishment please, all ye naturalistas/ team natural spare yourselves the agony biko. Our natural hair now eats bananas, eggs, honey, butter,and washes it down with beer, all sorts mehn! Please when you buy these things, eat and drink them, its good for the body, lol.
At the beginning of this year, I decided to not perm my hair for a while but just braid it. Actually, I began toying with the idea of locing my hair and was told it would come out better when the hair is natural so I began my transitioning journey. My hair is quite long so you can imagine how long I'll have to wait for the undergrowth to get to the length I want. Each time I visit the salon to braid my hair, my hairdresser will ask "Aunty are you sure you won't retouch this hair?" and I just smile at her, but inside me as I look at the image of my hair in the mirror I'm forced to ask myself the same question "Am I sure I won't retouch this hair?" I'm not just echoing my hairdresser's question oh! The size and texture of my hair has given me the answer I need. Mba! I won't go natural, when I take off this braids I'm going to get a good perm because this natural hair business is not for me.
For me oh, I think keeping it simple is best please and if you ask me, good old tie tie is still the best treatment for our natural hair, I mean, do you notice how silky and straight your hair looks when you take off the thread? Try it #runs away# otherwise, I'll keep my natural hair when I decide to loc it.

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