Thursday, 31 March 2016


The photoshopped travel pics
Few weeks back, there were some pictures of a lady named Seve Gat who photoshopped herself into holiday photos in china trending online and people were busy criticizing and making fun oher. Guess what?
She is being sponsored by a local business man named Sam Gichuru to travel to china. All expense paid trip including four star accommodation, insurance and pocket money.

Can you beat that? She faked it till she made it. I won't even lie, when I saw the pictures I felt it was a really shallow and stupid think to do because the pictures obviously looked photoshopped.
I'm not in anyway endorsing fakeness, the topic of this post is somewhat misleading I know but I think if you really want something, begin to act like its already happening and it will.

with Sam Gichuru, her sponsor

Her actions simply reminds me of  Romans 4:17 in the Bible that says "calling forth those things that are not as if they were". If you ask me, I'll say she was simply activating her faith. You see, sometimes when you walk by faith, some things won't just make sense to the naked eye. Imagine a man who is believing God for a wife and exercises his faith by getting his suit ready and buying the rings without even having a girlfriend, or a woman who is believing God for the fruit of the womb and begins to set up a nursery in her house, people watching may think she's becoming delusional but that is faith! That is what God expects of us. Hebrew 11:1 says "faith is a substance of things hoped for, an evidence of things not seen"

So please, if you need something to happen for you desperately, just start acting like it's already happened and you never know you may just begin to attract it!

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