Saturday, 19 March 2016


So, today I want to share with us how to loose pregnancy fat especially the belly fat. I think almost everyone has weight issues during and after pregnancy except the exceptionally lucky ones who do not have to lift a finger
to loose weight.

Trust me, you don't have to rob a bank or close your account to loose that weight. Just simple things you have in your kitchen is all you need. I'm someone who is constantly trying to stay fit so I'm sharing this from experience.

During pregnancy, the body stores up a lot of fat which is used to nourish the baby growing in the womb so it piles up till when the baby is delivered. From this point your lifestyle and eating habits will determine whether the weight stays or goes. Here's a warning though; do not go on a diet while nursing your baby, the baby needs essential nutrients from you to grow.

BREASTFEEDING : I did this and it worked for me. Your body uses up cholesterol during milk production and that is how fat is lost. Most people may disagree with the excuse that you have to eat more when doing baby friendly but the secret is in eating healthy. I've heard severally that you have to eat for two while breastfeeding so you can have enough milk for the baby, I see this as a myth. You don't have to, just eat small nutritious meals at intervals and only when you are hungry. The more you put your baby to the breast, the more your body produces milk so there's nothing to worry about.

WATER: Drink lots of warm water especially the first 6 weeks after delivery. Also drinking lime water helps. Just cut slices of lime into a glass of water or squeeze in a little quantity of lime juice into the glass of water, you'll love it!

BE  ACTIVE:Try to be active. Don't laze around because you have people around to help with one thing or the other. Once in a while get up and get busy, apart from helping you heal faster, it will also help shed some of the weight and keep it off for good.

EXERCISE: I'm not really an exercise person but I try do some once in a while. Exercises like skipping, sit ups, toe touching exercises etc, are simple exercises that can be done anywhere. You do not necessarily have to register in a gym for this kind of exercises. They are easy to do and do not require any sophisticated machines.

Other methods of loosing pregnancy fat are herbal teas, weight loss drugs and good old surgery. Whatever works for you, I'll say go for it, people are different so what works for you may not work for me. Some may get their pre- pregnancy bodies sooner than others, for me, I'm not quite there yet, lol,. its a work in progress. Do not be hard on yourself, the important thing here is to remain healthy and beautiful. Cheers!

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Following quietly and learning a lot.....thanks KNB for the tips.