Friday, 11 March 2016


The light situation in Nigeria has gone from bad to worse and now hopeless. Carrying out even the smallest task has become such a struggle and to add salt to injury in some parts of the country there's a shortage in water supply and fuel. I wonder how people are expected to survive in a civilized world without these basic commodities.
 All the same, life has to go on while we keep praying and believing that things get better so I came up with some suggestions on how to survive without light in Nigeria.

1.  First of all, just renew your mind and pretend you are living in one archaic 'the gods must be crazy' village where you cannot access light or any other basic amenities. Done that? Good! Now we can continue.

2.   The day you manage to hustle fuel from the black market sellers at N300 a litre, before putting on your generator, make sure everything that needs to be charged has been plugged and ready to charge, these incudes your power banks(very important), rechargeable lamp, rechargeable fans(and any any other rechargeable), laptops, tabs, phones etc. They must be in place to guarantee your sanity later.

3. Still before putting on the generator, inform everyone in the house that the generator will soon be on so they can be on standby ready to carry out any task that needs to be done with electricity at the same time like ironing, blending,washing and even the kids watching their favourite cartoon.

4.  Don't prepare food in bulk! All that cooking two to three different soups and stews and storing in the fridge for the entire month, mba! This is not the time for that. Now you cook in bits, your soup, stews and any other food cannot exceed two or three days otherwise it looses it fresh taste and nutrients from too much warming, as a matter of fact, you'll have to frequent the market two to three times a week, so brace yourself!

5. For entertainment,forget television or the games on your phone. Play a game of good old board games like monopoly, scrabble, ludo,snake and ladder and whot.

I promise you that with these few points of mine, you can survive your day without light,lol. If you have any contributions please feel free to drop it in the comments sections. xo


NY said...

Oh my! This light thing is just unbelievable. Where is the time to cook small portions and frequent the market so many times a week in a place like Lagos where you leave home before daylight and return late at night after spending several hours in traffic? The fuel queues mean that even powering the generator is a challenge. Please the government should help reduce the stress and not add to it...I pray help comes our way soon.

The kobnomi Blog said...

I pray so too. but while we hope and pray for things to get better, life must go on