Friday, 18 March 2016


I once saw a story on online about the woman who sold corn and pear to build a house for her mother and I was so inspired. Its not the kind of thing you hear everyday and to say the truth, it triggered my hustling spirit. When I read the story I immediately thought of a thousand and one businesses that I could possibly start up, from whose house I could clean daily to selling fries by the road side. Amusing right? I didn't mention opening a salon, grocery store or even a restaurant and I'll tell you why. The former requires
little or no capital.

 I believe that really you can do/be anything you want if you believe and work hard at it. One would assume that a petty trader like this woman lives from hand to mouth but that is not the case. She was able to save the proceeds from her sales no matter how little and uncomfortable because she had her eyes set on a goal!I was even more proud that she is a woman saddled with the responsibilities of being a wife and a mother. Some white collar job workers or high profile business owners cannot boast of a land they can call their own talk more of a house. I know people who have given 35 years of service to the government without a property to their name and are now waiting to to get their gratuity or pension to do that.

 In our society, one would see a road side seller as less privileged compared to a government or private sector worker who is earning minimum wage or maybe 50,000 a month. This is indeed a wake up call for many of us, there's no need to look down on anyone because you think you are better than them, truth is, everyone is created equally with the need to survive.
You are a company worker and each time you go down the street to buy fruits you treat the seller with contempt, or you have a daily help who is nothing before you because you think you are higher than her? You are so wrong because that is their hustle! They are getting their money in return for the goods and services they provide so there should be no hating, and no contempt.
In the western world, everyone has respect and dignity in their labour, no one is seen as more superior or inferior to the other. This is where we need to  change our mindset.

Thankfully, I'm beginning to hear of university graduates who are either selling fries or washing clothes for people to make a living without feeling its only for the uneducated and I say "way to go!" As long as it is legit and bringing in money, then I'm all for it.
Think about it, God bless us all!

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NY said...

Hmmmmm....Food for thought indeed, especially in these days of job insecurity... banks are laying off in droves, oil prices are falling and our economy? That's gist for another day!!!. I hear you loud and clear KNB.