Sunday, 13 March 2016


 Hello people and happy sunday to you all. Today is also mothers day/sunday in most churches in Nigeria(sunday last week was mother's sunday in the UK), so I'm in order when I say Happy mother's day, right?
Today, I want to
specially celebrate all mothers out there who are labouring day and night to make sure the children, husband and the home as a whole are well taken of. The job we are called to do is a noble one, a privilege and it shouldn't be taken lightly or belittled. When I had my first child I appreciated my mother more because I began to understand all that she passed through while raising us and the sacrifices she had to make for I and my siblings and I could totally relate. I get teary eyed each time I think of it and I keep thinking of the best way to reward her(I pray to hammer so I can buy her hummer, lol).
Our duty as mothers doesn't start only when we begin to birth our own biological children. From the instance a baby girl is born, she is already regarded as a nurturer and naturally exhibits motherly instincts towards everyone around her.

Wherever you are, please celebrate your mother. Give her a call telling her you love her,buy her a gift, take her out, give her a hug, just do something you know she would appreciate no matter how little.
May our labour of love never go unrewarded .To all mothers and expectant mothers, I wish you a Happy Mothers Day, may your joy be complete and your cup run over, Amen!


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