Thursday, 17 March 2016


Today I want to talk about something that's eaten deep into the fabric of our society. I'm not just referring to our Nigerian society but other countries as well. You would be amazed at the number of ladies who are contented being mistresses or
concubines which we now refer to as 'side chics'.
It didn't just start today, from the days of our forefathers and parents, side chics have been in existence. You know that woman who became a second wife? There's every possibility that she may have been a side chic who played her cards well and earned the position of a wife.

So, I came up with possible reasons why we have side chics.

  • Some women just can't help it, they incidentally fall in love with a man who is already take, even though they mean no harm.
  • Some women just like married men. According to them married men are more caring and generous.The other side of it is that some of these women just love to compete with the wife or the main chic for the man's attention.
  • There are some women that men won't just leave alone. They aren't even the pushing for it here, the man keeps doing the calling, texting, even when these ladies aren't interested in the relationship till they are eventually lured into it
  • Most men just want to eat their cake and have it. Ex girlfriends who (were not worthy to be wives) these men left to get married to some one else could sometimes end up being side chics. After the excitement of marriage dies down, they go back to their former girl friend to continue where they left off.
  • Girls are no longer smiling! Its now a survival of the fittest. Everyone is hustling to be the one. Whether you are in a committed relationship or marriage is no longer an obstacle. If they can push the other woman out of the house then so be it.
  •  They are contented being the side chic because they enjoy the best of the man without the responsibilities attached to being the wife or main chic. It is not binding on them  to take care of the kids, wash, cook or clean for the man except they want to. All they need to do is sit pretty and just be available for the man whenever he wants.                                                            
  • Some ladies just want to have a good time without having to think of where the relationship is going. They enjoy the financial benefits while the man enjoys the physical, no strings attached.
  • They like the freedom of being free to date whoever they want. After all they are aware of the other person in the man's life.
  • Some of these women cannot be bothered with settling down to married life. They want to be independent which is why most of them are contented with being baby mamas for these men while retaining their single status.
There you have it! Can you think of any other reasons women seem to be content being the side chic? Please do not hesitate to share it in the comments section. Until my next post, bye...

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NY said...

Being a side chic is not the best o. For anyone who has been drawn into it, I pray God gives you the will and grace to come out of it. For those considering it, my candid advise is to flee. Who enjoys playing second fiddle? I certainly don't.