Thursday, 24 March 2016


The topic for today's post was  inspired by a tweet I stumbled upon on twitter. It said " naija parents don't have " the talk ". They want to believe you are a virgin and when you hit mid-twenties, they mysteriously expect a spouse".  I couldn't agree more.

You see, in Nigeria we know how to dodge and sweep things under the carpet a lot. Parents feel that educating their kids about sex would
expose them to it but actually, the reverse is the case, children get to learn about these things from other people who don't give them the right information and they end up falling into wrong hands and for those who don't, it's the grace of God and sheer luck! For instance, instead of properly educating their daughters about the effects of menstruation, their bodies and sex, they'll simply say "now you must stay away from boys if not you will get pregnant". That is "the talk" most girls receive. The average age a girl would likely start menstruating is 11 years and at that age children are really impressionable and  could easily digest any wrong information about it. 

It is pertinent that parents sit their children down and educate them about these things. I'm not saying we should tell a 3 or 7 year old about the process of having sex but we can start by teaching them about their privates and the boundaries involved and then gradually as they become older give them more details so that they are better armed to dismiss any contrary information they get. 

With the boys I don't even think its seen as an option. The mentality is that boys are just boys afterall they are not the ones who'll bring babies back home, right? But hey! They could be the ones  who'll become immature baby daddies and drain your pockets in future because you refused to educate them properly.

We need to step up our game as parents. Be your children's best friend. Talk to them about anything. Let them be confident enough to ask you about anything. They will be better for it.

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