Monday, 25 April 2016


Years back as an undergraduate, I had gone to one of my classmates house after lectures to chill and she decided to prepare food for us to eat. This is someone who had nothing at home and was even planning on going to the market so I kept wondering what she was going to come up with. Within ten minutes she was done with cooking and we settled down to eat. Looking at the soup all I could see was palmoil everywhere and I was about to protest when she beckoned on me to quit complaining and just eat.
Brethren, I tell you all I needed was a taste of that soup and I was hooked! I finished the eba she made and even requested for another.

I know some people reading this will be sneering and making faces like "garri soup? of all the soups in the world?" Before you judge the book by its cover, try it first and a trial will convince you. I'm all for sharing and just as this soup ministered to me, I know it will do same to you too. Can I get an Amen?

This soup is ideal for those days when you have nothing at home because you couldn't go shopping or you are avoiding stocking the house because of the light situation.


Dry fish
small onions
Hot leaf(optional)
Palm oil
Dry pepper


1. Wash dry fish and set aside.
2. Wash the meat and season with salt, maggi, pepper and onions
3. When the meat is beginning to be soft and has lost its pink raw colour, add some more water according the quantity of soup you want.
4. When its boiling add a handful of garri into the boiling meat stock and allow to thicken.
5.  Add a little palm oil.
6. Add crayfish, dry pepper and maggi to taste, and lastly the hot leaf the allow to simmer.

Voila! Our soup is ready to be devoured. Best served with semovita, poundo or eba. enjoy!

N/B: In place of garri as thickener, dry okra or achi could be used. I know most people may be skeptical about using garri because of the starch. Also, when you are cooking any other soup that needs to be thickened and you don't get the consistency you want, garri to the rescue, lol.


NY said...

Hmmmmm.... This is a new harm in trying though!!! Maybe I should give it a shot. I can picture my husband's face when I tell him I'm making garri soup ....lolzzzz

The kobnomi Blog said...

Yea, you should definitely try it, trust me you'll love it. I know right? Its weird hearing the name garri soup. I'll just say "the taste of the pudding is in the eating" lol