Monday, 25 April 2016


Hello my people, how una dey? hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. Was there plenty of turning up or just a quiet one spent resting? I know I have been MIA on here for a minute, or can we just pretend that I never
left and carry on like normal? Make una or vex, na condition make crayfish bend. I had issues with my internet service provider that lasted for weeks, but the goodnews is that I'm back! #singing# them been wan fall my hand but #Godwin# lol.

So... what did I miss? I missed internet for days I felt I was living under the rock. Didn't even know what was going on around so I need you guys to fill me in. What did I miss? Na who goat don born? Who find person trouble? I need to hear, please you guys should gist me in the comment section.

Maybe I should do two posts today to bribe you guys  #winks#. In my next post i'm going to be sharing a very simple but life saving recipe with you all, and you'll love me for it. Stay tuned...


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