Friday, 29 April 2016


Few days ago, I saw this picture below online and its supposed to be the before and after photos of a lady who had lost weight and it was being used as an advert for a weight loss pill or program of some sort and I'm like, seriously? All I can see from the photos is that for the before photo the camera zoomed in on the lady while the after photo was taken from a farther distance and the some filter was added to the after pic. She's also wearing the same
dress she wore in the before photo and it fits just as perfectly and I ask; Is it magic? Isn't the dress supposed to look oversized and ill fitted on her? Is it just me, or are you guys seeing what I'm seeing? The only conclusion I can draw from all this is that these people have nothing to offer. If you have a product and you claim it has been used by people to produce the desired results then we should see credible evidence to that effect.

In these days of photoshop and many other editing tools it is difficult to believe everything you see. People just take a picture and doctor it to suit whatever they want people to believe. I know that who ever is responsible for the above picture could have come up with something more believable if he or she had put more effort into editing but to what end? Now I'm not saying that those who used this picture as an advert for their product are not genuine but for those who actually know that in their heart of hearts that the products or services they offer cannot do what they claim it does, what do you hope to achieve? Eheen, you get easy money from people and then after that what next? How do you all sleep at night?

Everyday peoples mails, phones, facebook pages etc. are flooded with messages from people who come up with cock and bull stories to get money from people. Some time ago I saw Pastor Sam Adeyemi on facebook and decided to add him so I can at least be enjoying some inspirational words from him. I actually thought it was his account because he add reached his maximum number of friend requests so I had to follow him. Yesterday I came online and saw a message form "him" telling me that God told him to tell me that He wants to bless me but in order for me to receive the blessings I need to pay some money into a certain account for a certain baby with tumor. When I saw it I simply replied the person "odiegwu, you have tried!".  Its funny but there are people who are really gullible and would rush off to pay the money believing that its actually the Pastor.

Men and brethren, we really need to be careful. These people make a living out of scamming people so they come up with new tricks everytime. Do not allow them to rob you of your hard earned money. Be good and stay safe. cheers

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