Tuesday, 3 May 2016


Any one who knows me knows that I'm a very traditional and old fashioned person. Since the introduction of the qwerty keyboard on phones, typing has been bliss for me compared to the other keyboard where you had to press a key about three times or more to get a particular character. I need to get a new phone and all I see in the shops are touchscreen phones.
Now all of a sudden, you can no longer find a smartphone with physical keypad in the shops if it is not blackberry and the quarrel I had with my last blackberry phone, we haven't settled it yet. I don't even want to go into the details of what blackberry has done to me in this life. Is it the poor battery life, or that stupid clock icon that keeps wasting one's time or the fact that it can just wake up one day and decide to crash on you? Let not even go there, that's gist for another day.

As I was saying, my first issue with touch screen phones is typing. I like to actually feel the keys depressed while I type but with the touch screen phone this is not possible.
Another thing I do not like is the auto rotation thing that just pisses me off. Can't I at least have some freedom to move my hands anyway I want?

Has anyone noticed how annoying the auto-correct on most these touchscreen smart are? I made more mistakes in my spellings when I was using a touch screen phone through no fault of mine. The phone just preempts whatever it wants and regardless of what you type as soon as you press enter the word it predicts stands. Its not all the time that people have the patience to look through what they have typed. They just expect that what they have typed is what they get!

Lastly, the screens break easily from the slightest fall and when this happens, you can as well say good bye to doing any thing with the phone until you've changed it.These are the things I dislike about touchscreen phones but apart from these, they are fine. I only really wish there could be more smartphones with qwerty keypad for people like us.

Is it just me or does anyone else share the same sentiments?

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