Saturday, 21 May 2016


Living the luxury life is what everyone aspires for and with hardwork, dedication and patience we may all get there. There's nothing wrong with wanting the good things of life, it would be strange not to. The real problem is when you try to keep up with the Joneses. You see Ada with her designer bags and shoes, and your days are suddenly occupied with thoughts on how to get the very same ones forgetting that she earns six figures working in an oil company.  Or you are a guy and you see your colleagues or friends  driving around town with the latest models and you empty your bank account just to get an up to date ride not minding the fact that he's living off old money. You who is just hustling to make ends meet goes ahead to get one too. Who are you trying to impress, and to what end?

Sometimes you do not even need these things but because you've seen it on someone else it suddenly becomes next on your to-do list. Sooner or later you'll get bored with your latest acquisition and end up feeling bad because you spent a lot buying something you never really needed and find out that you are left with nothing to fall back on. Living within your means is the best thing you can do for yourself. Life is not a competition, by all means get the good things of life you desire if you can but it shouldn't be because someone at your office or in your neighbourhood has gotten that same thing and you are trying to proof a point to them that you too are capable of getting it.

I see no point trying to keep up with the trend or even people, the saying "cut your coat according to your cloth" should be our my watch phrase every time. If you go shopping and see something you like so much but the price is off limits for , you can simply exercise patience and wait till it's put on sale or better still look for it somewhere else where it could be gotten at a much cheaper price.

Keeping up does not just apply to material things alone. Sometimes, envying other peoples lives and trying to model your life or relationship after theirs. It's a thing of major concern because it probably shows that you do not have a sense of what direction you are going. It's not wrong if you pick a few good qualities you want to emulate and apply to your own personal life but when you just 'copy and paste' everything about them then there's something wrong. Sometimes, the lives of the people you're trying to keep up with isn't so perfect, it may just be a facade. Remember the saying 'all that glitters is not gold'. It's even more rampant in these days of  social media where we share most of the things going on in our lives for the whole world to see. Of course no one would share the bitter aspects, only the happy, picture perfect ones. The bottomline is not be moved by the things you see around, just be you and do you. The world is in need of more people who are true to themselves.


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