Tuesday, 17 May 2016


I attended a church program somewhere and the Preacher said "don't be the devil your brother is praying for to die" and it really got me thinking. It's not news that one of the most common prayer topics in church or even our everyday quiet time is "God deliver me from my enemies! Let my enemies fall down and die, let them be ashamed when they see the table you will prepare before me, every witch after my destiny be disgraced" and all sorts, but have we ever stopped a while to think of the consequences of those statements and declarations we make before God?
A popular Christian chorus says, "the prayer that rises to the temple of God is a prayer from a contrite heart" now the question is do we always pray from a contrite heart? Don't we sometimes cry wolf to God knowing fully well that we are not as innocent as we tend to present ourselves to Him? The scripture says that "God is not mocked, whatever a man sows, that he will reap" you can't be a source of unhappiness to someone and expect God to make you happy, you will just end up wasting your time and breath.

Le'ts search ourselves. In our different offices, schools,shops, churches etc, do we oppress others? Do we give everyone equal opportunity? Do we judge them? Are you bewitching someone else by not wishing them well, being inordinately envious and jealous of them, never having anything good to say about them? Talking down to people? Purposely witch hunting them to make them miserable?. I could go on and on. If we are guilty of any of these then we have unknowingly become devils to other people.
The term 'witch' doesn't only refer to that  old woman/man you think is in your village and doesn't want you to succeed, even you seated pretty in the city are a witch if you obstruct another person's success or happiness.

People, lets try to evaluate our lives. It's very easy for us to pray against the devil, enemies, witches etc but let's at least work on ourselves if we find that we have knowingly or unknowingly become enemies to other people. Do not let someone make you his or her prayer topic in a negative way instead bring out the good in other people, help them to be better people so they can pray blessings into your life. God himself will be happy with us and incline his ears towards our prayers.


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