Thursday, 5 May 2016


Being curvy is so in right now and if you are not, then you are so not hot! The market is flooded with boob and butt enhancing bras and pants padded to make the not so curvy ladies appear curvier. Everyday we see pictures of women who have gone as far as enhancing their bodies surgically and who can blame them? Society has stipulated the standard a woman has to meet to be considered beautiful and this is what has given rise to so much insecurity among the women folk  and by extension given rise to products that enhance our beauty and try to boost our self esteem.

Seriously, I'm all for doing what makes you happy but... Let it be in the right perspective. Why are you even doing all that you are doing? Is it to get a man? What happens when you get comfortable with each other and he sees you without all the 'armour' you had on? Please, if it is, then refrain from it before you take it any further. Let people love you for who you are. Anyone who wants to stay will stay and whoever doesn't will go! It happens to everyone, even those who are beautiful in every sense of the word. The people you are supposedly trying to impress aren't perfect themselves so please its not that serious! If you want do anything, let it be for you and not for validation from anyone.After all has been said and done, loving yourself is the most important thing because no one will love you if you do not love and value yourself just the way you are.

I know most people will say as a christian, you should love your body, apppreciate the way God made you bla bla bla, but hey! Who ever said christians do not have their personal struggles? Everyone has their low moments but the interesting thing is that we all come out of it. Just like we sometimes question God when things aren't going as planned. Why is it okay to use hair extensions, fix eyelashes, fake nails, wear makeup etc. but such a sin to wear these body enhancing under wears? There should be no bias whatsoever, what's fake is fake! If its not yours, then its fake. If you somehow use any product that makes you look different from the way God made you, then stop throwing stones, live and let live! I'm not in any way endorsing the use of these products, I'm just being real. Most people who pretend to dislike the idea are secretly using it themselves. Uhun! I said so! As someone who's not perfect I understand the struggle and sometimes wish I was more endowed but soon after, I snap out of it, there's no point crying over spilt milk, if you don't gorrit, you don't gorrit, lol.

The funny thing is guys may have scrawny looking legs with zero pack and nobody says anything about that. They are the same people that make women feel inferior with comments like "see her flat chest", "she no even get ass". Nobody judges them by their appearance but by how successful they are. Its even worse because some women body shame their fellow women. You can't walk into a room where there's a group of women without being scrutinized from head to toe. Some women assess each other by how 'beautiful' or 'endowed' they are and that's just so shallow. Like you do not deserve certain privileges or deserve to attain a certain height because you aren't curvy or you do not have beautiful legs or even a beautiful face. Yea, I've met quite a few women who make snide comments about a not so perfect woman passing by. For anyone who has been at the receiving end of these kind of comments, do not take it to heart, ignorant people can't help but spew out rubbish from their mouths. Next time, reply them by saying you love the way you were created, and walk away!  I mean, its not anyone's fault that they are the way they are, so stop trying to put other people down, there are lot more important things that people are worrying about so do not add to it. 

Just love  yourself for who you are, that's the greatest thing you can do for yourself. XO

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