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Hello people, I'm sorry this is a late post, it was supposed to be up yesterday which was children's day but somehow I didn't get to post it, please accept my apologies. Happy children's day to all the kids out there, you are loved and you matter. I think a lot more has to be done to protect the right of our children after all they didn't ask to be brought into the world, we desired them and earnestly prayed to God to bless us with them and in other cases they came through our own mistakes, no one should have children if they are not ready for what it takes to take care of them, and please let's try to have just the number of children we know we can cater for. Anyways, that's by the way, the important thing is that now that they are here, they deserve the best from us. It is what we sow into their lives that we will reap in future which is why I say that children are our greatest investments.

Invest our time: we need to spend time with our children. They crave love and attention from their parents. Even if you are a busy career person and leave them in the care of maids or relatives, you have to consciously make out time each day to be with them.

Invest our energy: Raising and training children the right way is no small feat, it's exhausting both physically and emotionally every parent knows this but it is worth the trouble because when you train them well, they become assets to you and the society at large.

Invest our resources: What's all the money you toiling day and night for if you can't spend it on your little ones? From the moment they are born to when they become young adults we are constantly spending on them. From diapers and baby foods to school fees, clothes, holidays etc. Financial and material resources are needed to give them the best life that we can afford.

Sacrifice our needs/dreams: Everyone who has been a parent will agree that you cannot come and go as you like anymore. Somehow you have to restrategize and do just the things that are of the topmost priority or else it could be a struggle especially without any help. When you have to choose between your needs and that of your child or children as the case may be, then you definitely have to forfeit yours as a good parent just to make them happy.

Invest in prayer: Even after doing all the above, we have to constantly present them to their maker in prayer. God is their heavenly father, we the earthly parents are more like caretakers. No matter what we do it is their God given destiny that will be. Praying for them constantly is also a way of protecting them from evil.

As parents, we have to do all we can to make sure that our kids have a happy childhood and the right upbringing. That way, we are also contributing to a better society. The sacrifices may seem overwhelming but the long term benefits is definitely worth it!

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