Saturday, 7 May 2016


On one of the days I took my baby  outside to play, she fell down and had an injury on her knee, typical of a toddler but I felt bad that my little baby's lovely skin would be dented with a scar and I probably should have protected her better but can it really be avoided? Toddlers are known for being very adventurous and in the process sustain a lot of injuries.

I equally have several scars on my body that remind me about the different stages of my life and what led to them, most of them from when I was a little rascal playing around the whole place and others from domestic accidents. Even with the injuries I sustained I would still go back to play, I never wanted to miss out on the fun! It never bothered me that I was getting scars on my body, I did what what every other child of my age was naturally inclined to do which was play in sand, jump off a certain height, handle sharp objects, chase one another etc. no matter how dangerous it may have been.

Now these are just physical scars that the wounds may have been really terrible, even life threatening but I want to talk about another type of scar,the ones that cannot be seen, but felt only by the one who has been through it. Emotional scars, everyone has them. Experiences you would rather not remember because it hurts so badly.Its a rite of passage in life to make mistakes and be hurt.  If you ask me, I'ld say they really cannot be avoided because to an extent, they help us grow, make us stronger to face this thing called life.

Now what do we do with these scars? Do you just sit back with regret and wish you never had them? There's no point lingering on on the past, simply learn the lessons taught and move on. We need to look beyond every scar and determine to make the most out of them. Own your scar!

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Aty said...

Scars are alomst pass through life without a scar?that means you probably never lived.What we do with these scars and experience are what matters most.Sit and nurse them forever or heal,learn the lesson and move on?
We have a whole life ahead waiting to be lived!!!!!