Sunday, 8 May 2016


So today is another mother's day/mothering sunday and before I go further I say Happy mother's day to all mothers out there. Being a mother is no mean feat so we need to grab whatever opportunity we have to celebrate these wonderful people in our lives.

We mothers are saddled with so many responsibilities especially around the home and we need to strategize on ways to make things easier so we do not breakdown and just because I love you all, I compiled a few tips that can help make our cooking less tedious. Spending too much time in the kitchen is not my thing. In as much as I love cooking, I like to make it snappy so I can move on to other tasks and I'm all for any suggestions that can help make my cooking faster. For those of us that share the same sentiments, enjoy!

1. You can solicit the help of the market women you regularly buy things from to help with cutting leaves, blending and preparing snails or other things that take up so much time. Make sure you supervise them to make sure they are prepared in the best hygienic conditions.

2. Prior to when you want to cook, prepare the ingredients you want to use bit by bit so that it doesn't seem too overwhelming.

3. Instead of cutting and pounding your okra, you could simply blend it in a blender or grate it.

4. Instead of pounding yam in a mortar, use a food processor or poundo yam after boiling the yam. It comes out just as smooth or even smoother.

5. These days, we have packaged food that has already been prepared. There's tinned coconut milk if you need to make coconut rice, beans flour if you need to make akara or moi moi, mixed vegetables in a satchet if you need to garnish your food with carrots, peas and the likes.

Do you know of any other tips that can help make our cooking faster and less tedious? Please do not hesitate to share. Remain blessed and keep doing you!

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