Friday, 10 June 2016


Just yesterday, I came across a story online that caught my attention. It wasn't really the content of the story that caught my attention but rather the object of the news. This person under normal circumstances wouldn't be known but because of what our society and the world has become she is being celebrated. Not that she had done anything remarkable for herself or others but because she is being linked to a certain musician.

This got me thinking. Have you guys noticed that it has become really easy for any tom dick or harry to be a celebrity these days? I mean, back in the days you had to work really hard to become known. You had to make your mark in fashion, entertainment, business, politics etc to be famous but today it's just a walk in the park. People keep saying that the kardashians are just famous for being famous but these people are hustlers. They capitalized on the fame kim's sex tape brought them and today they own chains of businesses. They can be called celebrities in their own right, they've earned it, and so many other people are devising ways of being noticed and relevant. It doesn't matter whether you are an A list or Z list celebrity, a celebrity is a celebrity (lol), the more popular you are, the more business and money that comes your way. which brings me to the different ways people can become celebrities today.

1. Attend all the parties and weddings in town, you do not have to be invited, as long as you know a friend that knows a friend that was invited, please attend. Make sure you dress to impress and do well to meet as many people as you can, and create a lasting impression in their minds.

2. Try to get as many followers as you can on social media especially on instagram and twitter. Post updates and pictures that will make you easily noticed. You can even buy an account with a huge number of followers if you can't get them on your own, it's possible!

3.  Be controversial. Call people out on social media whether they look for your trouble or not, be an internet troll. Start a quarrel with every and anyone you wish to. Mostly people who have a remarkable number of followers, trust me, everyone will want to know who you are and the number of your followers will increase then you become a superstar!

4.  Be an instagram model. Ever since I heard there are specific models called instagram models I've been wondering if they are being paid like the regular models or is it 'oshofree'? Is instagram their modelling agency? I haven't been privileged to meet anyone who can provide answers to these questions which is why I brought it before this honourable court. That aside, I hear these people are celebrities in their own right and they have a huge fan base because they look nothing like the regular models who are usually tall and slender. These ones are well endowed (if you know what I mean).

5.  Lastly, become a groupie or date a celebrity and post pictures of your escapades on all your social networks and tag him. Better still get pregnant for him and be his baby mama, this can't be hard at all. When once you both are linked to each other, you are sure of instant fame and maybe fortune too.

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