Sunday, 26 June 2016


Happy sunday everyone, hope we all had a wonderful weekend and everything went according to plan. Weekends are meant for jollification and unwinding from the hustle and bustle of work days and I hope you all did just that. I love our Naija people, we know how to chop life and enjoy ourselves, always turning up for events in a grand style whether it be vigil nights, house warming, birthday parties, owambe or wedding ceremonies. The music is always on point and with the eye popping styles from the asoebis we can stand out anywhere. Weddings especially has become such a big deal in Nigeria. The bigger and flamboyant, the better, unlike our counterparts in the western world who prefer a smaller and more intimate celebration. In Nigeria, if you have money it must show in the kind of wedding party you throw and its the more the merrier. However, is it always convenient for everybody to have this kind of wedding bearing in mind that most people in Nigeria are either jobless, struggling in business or earning lower than they should. Does it mean that these people do not deserve to be happy and enjoy life like every other person?

Today I want to talk about what really matters in a wedding ceremony, I'm not a wedding planner, neither am I a relationship expert but I've had a wedding and at the end of the day when I sat down and thought about everything, I discovered that there were some things I bothered myself about that I really shouldn't have because at the end of the day, it didn't matter! So here's my two cents :

First of all, do not try to break the bank planning a wedding. Cut your coat according to your cloth, a lot of us do the big weddings that goes way beyond our budget because we want to please people and we are bothered about what people will say. In Nigeria if someone does a small introduction or court wedding with few close relatives and friends some people may start making side comments like "eh, they didn't even have money and they decided to get married". Please,if you are bothered by such comments, bear in mind that after the wedding, you are on your own! The people that came to wine and dine with you will go back to their their homes and you'll be left to face your lives as a couple. Simple tell yourselves the truth do the one you can afford. It's better to have extra finances to buy a house or some other investments for your lives together.

Avoid stress as much as possible. Try to make plans and put everything together at least two weeks before the wedding if you can, trust me you do not want to look tired and worn out on your wedding day, its not a pleasant sight. Assign duties to trusted family and friends and leave the rest to God. The thing is, no matter how much you stress yourself, things may not be perfect to a T so just relax. I attended a wedding where the guy was a perfectionist, he kept looking around to see if the church program went round, if the food went round, he was busy looking for service providers to quarrel with during the wedding and forgot to share moments with his bride. Weddings are a once in a life time event and you want to watch your videos or pictures or reminisce and see the joy, laughter and fun you shared on your special day. You will never remember who ate or who did not, who took souvenir home or not and so on so try to enjoy yourself thoroughly. Take beautiful pictures, dance to your heart's content, do whatever you want and let others pamper you because its your day!

Make effort to look your very best. If you can afford it, get designer shoes, suits, dresses, purses, whatever you desire. If you cannot afford designers, there are still other brands that look just as good. My point is, do not go to your wedding dressed like a spectator especially the men. Look extra nice, don't make it look like it's only the ladies who are happy to be getting married. When the ladies are 'komole-ing', komole with her, put a smile on your face, it makes you look better.

Finally, take your vows seriously. Do not get married because every other person is getting married, it's a promise you are making to each other in the presence of several people. You don't have to if you do not want to. It's your vows and the word of God that should guide you in your marriage especially during the turbulent times. You could write and exchange your own personal vows which makes it even more memorable. What's important is that you made the right choice and you're finally going to be with the person that's meant for you.

I hope I've made some sense here, you do not have to take it seriously though, its just my two cents. Have a blessed week you all!

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