Sunday, 19 June 2016


Happy father's day to all the fathers out there. God bless you for the great job you are doing. Being a father comes with a lot of responsibility and I'm awestruck whenever I see men who live exemplary lives for their children to follow. Men who are actively involved in the growth of their children every step of the way. This includes the men who haven't had their own biological children yet but are positively influencing the lives of other children either morally, financially or materially or by simply being their role models, You will not go unrewarded.Some men think it's just enough to be the biological father to their children and push the bulk of the responsibilities to the mothers. This shouldn't be so! As a father, you have a major role to play in the lives of your children, they look up to you as their hero, as the one who can do no wrong in their eyes, do not disappoint them. You are teaching your sons how he should be when he grows up and your daughters what to look out for in a man.
I watched a movie by the famous Kendrick brothers titled 'Courageous' and it's basically about five friends; four police officers and an artisan, who are faced with various challenges and make a pact to be responsible to their children and family in every way. The movie tackled the importance of a father in his children's life and all about honour and duty. You see, sometimes it's easy to handle responsibilities at work, in the social circle or in church while the home suffers. Before any other thing, you must be there for your children, let them have that bond with you and experience a fatherly love and protection. Father's should be to their children a physical manifestation of who our heavenly Father is to us. Let them know that no matter what Daddy's got them covered. I feel disgusted when I hear stories of men who expose their children to all sorts of danger, abuse them, deny them or even refuse to provide for them. How do you sleep at night or even live with yourself? Do you know the kind of trauma you put those innocent beings through? My prayer is that you will receive wisdom and understanding to do the right thing. To the amazing fathers out there, we appreciate you, God bless!

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