Sunday, 12 June 2016


Happy Sunday people, hope everyone is good and we all attended church today to worship God because He is just too awesome. Church was good today and the message was great, it was one of those messages that feels like it was preached specifically to you and makes you do some soul searching. I may talk about it later but today's post is about something else.

So last night I had carefully selected what I was going to wear to church today as a good child of God (I don't usually do this, most times I'll just spontaneously dig into my box for whatever I'll be wearing to church on Sunday mornings).Only for me try it on this morning and it was sooo tight on me! what? How did I get here? By this time I was almost running late so I decided I was going to wear it that way and deal with the issue at hand later (ain't no dress or fat making me go late to church!) but all that was running through my mind was "I have gained so much weight, how did I get this big?"

Anyone who knows me knows that I'm so scared of gaining weight although I do not do the things I need to do to keep it off. I do not eat a lot and I've been trying to keep to the 7pm deadline for dinner but I eat a lot of junk. Dieting is simply out of the question because I'm not disciplined enough to follow it through. As far back as I can remember, I've always thought of having an exercise routine but never gotten around to doing it. Lately I noticed that doing a little task like walking up a hilly road left me gasping for so much breath which means I'm not fit.

You all may be wondering why I'm blogging about this, it's simple, I want to challenge myself and commit myself to shedding some weight and becoming more healthy. The fact that I have shared this with other people will help me be focused and really serious about it. From today, I'm determined to eat only healthy foods like vegetables and protein and in smaller portions and try to stay away from foods high in sugar and starch, do some exercise even if it's just 15 minutes in a day. I've been procrastinating because I've been waiting for an ideal time I would get money to buy a treadmill but I'm going to work with what I have,even if it is skipping and also drink more water!

So guys, if you wish to join me on this journey, it just takes a little discipline and motivation. I'm starting today and by His grace we'll all achieve what we we've st out to do. I wish you all a wonderful week ahead and may all our dreams come true, amen!

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