Thursday, 14 July 2016


I was thinking about some things I had planned out to do for the year that I haven't even started the process of bringing to fruition and I shuddered at the fact that we are already in the second half of the year. If you ask me I'll say they are tied to certain things or conditions which are not available yet making everything seem like such a distant dream. Sometimes I want to carry out a particular task and discover oh! I don't have this or that and then quickly tell myself I'll just wait till I get it or that I do not have the right environment.

Now this begs the question, is there anything like the perfect time? Is there actually a particular time in our lives that we consider to be perfect? Everything falling into place just the way we want it to. When everything is just within reach and we can comfortably do whatever we want. How long do we wait before this happens? Do we necessarily have to put our lives on pause waiting for a certain  'perfect time'? Or is it just an excuse for procrastination? From my experience I would say a big NO! There will never be a time when everything is picture perfect to start pursuing your goals or actualising your dreams, if you wait for everything to be perfect then you'll never get anything done. Start from right where you are with what you have in your hands. God asked Moses in exodus 4:2 "what is that in your hands?", ecclesiates 11:4  says "he who watches the wind will not sow, and he who looks at the cloud will not reap".

So what is your excuse? This does not apply to only the big tasks or goals we have,but also the little things around us we need to get over and done with but keep procrastinating until it piles up and becomes really overwhelming. I want us to remember God's word in ecclesiates 11:4  anytime we are tempted to blame our procrastination on an imperfect situation. I'm guilty of this too and I'm determined to stop it. God's word is profitable to direct and I'm optimistic that we will begin to get the desired results when we stop procrastinating.

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