Tuesday, 26 July 2016


I saw something interesting online yesterday. Remember few weeks ago when 360 nobs boss Noble Igwe posted a picture of his breakfast he had at a restaurant and some of his followers criticized him for eating in the restaurant even after getting married and he defended his wife by replying that she was a wife and not a cook? Well, he has taken it a step further by printing a t-shirt with the caption "wife not cook" which is available for sale, lol. If you ask me, I'ld say this guy sure has a sense of humour with business sense plus. I'm sure he decided since "wife not cook" was becoming popular on social media, he could as well make money from it, after all that's the kind of thing Nigerians like. Isn't it the same way Nigerians made customized t-shirts with "oga at the top" written on it? And it even sounds like "child not bride" abi? So Oga Nobs, abeg fire away! Incase you need the t-shirt, it goes for N4,500 only and people are saying that it's too expensive and that he is trying to recover the money he spent on his wedding, lol. Do you know the quality of t-shirt material that's being used? #strollsaway#

Meanwhile I know most men would have his head for this, but then come to think of it,in a way he's right. Agreed, one of the duties of a wife is to cook for her household, and husbands equally have their duties which include helping with repairs around the house etc. The fact that he does these things doesn't mean that a Technician can't be called in when the need arises or that you'll go about calling your husband a technician. So he actually made some sense when he said she was a wife not a cook! How many of you Nigerian men agree with him?

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