Thursday, 11 August 2016


I saw this quote that said "some days it's hard to find motivation ... some days motivation finds you" and I totally agree. There are days you wake up bursting with so much energy and vigour to face your day and conquer all obstacles, some people refer to it as "waking up on the right side of the bed" but some days even getting up from the bed could be such a challenge! I'm not talking about lazy days here, I mean those days you feel like the whole world is upon your shoulders and you are so overwhelmed with so much to do and obstacles to surmount. It happens to the best of us, some days are like that and it's normal, but I figured that there are certain things that could be done to get through such days and I decided to share.

1. START EACH DAY WITH PRAYER: The importance of prayer can never be overemphasized. It feels good to hand over your day to God and there's this peace that you have knowing that everything will happen the way God wants it to. Praying also gives us the wisdom and strength we need throughout the day.

2. READ A DEVOTIONAL OR INSPIRATIONAL BOOK: If you haven't been doing this, then you really need to start. You'll be surprised at how much impact this will make in your life. Devotionals usually come with Bible references while inspirational books may not but I assure you using any these two resources everyday will inspire you.

3. HAVE A LIST OF TO-DO'S FOR EACH DAY: I feel when you wake up each day with a plan of what you are set to achieve it goes a long way to help inspire you.This is because you'v already listed it either in your mind or on paper so it kind of narrows it down so it doesn't look so intimidating anymore,
4. AVOID NEGATIVE  PEOPLE: This is because meeting and interacting with negative people automatically leads to negative emotions and you do not need that on a day like this. Just stick to people that will give you positive vibes.

5.GET UP, DRESS UP, WEAR MAKEUP OR GO SHOPPING!: Funny right? But it works all the time, at least for me, lol. When you are feeling low and uninspired just do basically anything that will increase your adrenaline level. For some people it may be just getting up and shaking off the feeling, for others it may be dressing up and looking real good, putting on makeup or going shopping. Anything that works for you just go for it.

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