Monday, 8 August 2016


Today I want to talk about red flags in relationships, things you should be wary of when you see them manifest in people you meet and are beginning to develop an interest in. Nobody is perfect but truth is, there are certain traits, habits or behaviour people have that we may not be willing to put up with so its important to be vigilant and highly sensitive in order to notice these red flags before it gets too late. This is not restricted to any gender as anyone could be a culprit, so here goes:

A selfish person, someone who thinks of themselves only. If you are in a relationship with a person, then their needs should be important to you When you find that someone behaves selfishly, is unwilling to help you when you are in need or is stingy then that's a problem. A relationship is a two way thing that involves giving and taking and it is wrong for only one person to do the giving (not just financially).

Beware of a violent person. If you notice that someone is quick tempered and gets angry at the slightest provocation then that is a time bomb waiting to explode. Does he or she get angry and throws things all over the place or shoves you around when you have an argument? Watch it, because it will surely generate into something worse.

A man who keeps wanting to know where you are every minute and does not give you any breathing space to keep friends or even have other engagements is someone to be wary of. He has insecurity issues, do not  feel flattered that he loves you too much, that's a lie from the pit of hell. He may well be doing those same things he imagines that you are doing.

He or she belittles you every chance they get. When you have a little misunderstanding they make you feel like the worse person ever. They talk to you in a degrading manner in public and even go as far as taking back everything they've ever bought for you.

He or she never likes the idea of having dates in restaurants, going to the movies or any other public place. Everyday they are comfortable with having you over at their crib. I'm not saying you guys have to be turning up at public places all the time but when something doesn't just add up or feel right you'll know. You are probably just the side dish.

There are some people that act all religious on the outside just to impress you but they are something else. When you are with them they are constantly playing gospel music on their laptops or in their cars but if you make an attempt to open one of the folders on their laptops or phones, you'll be amazed at what you'll find.  Fear them! They are two faced humans.

Men with wandering eyes. Give the lady some respect at least, These ones are constantly sizing other girls up even in the presence of their babes and that's the height of disrespect. If you are not pleased with what you have, just let them go instead of being such a nuisance. Nobody forced you to be with them, you did the 'toasting'yourself!

What are some other things you think are red flags in relationships?

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