Friday, 30 September 2016


There are just some things in life that are a vital part of our daily life or routine and can sometimes be over looked as not important or anything worthy of mention but in essence they are the things that contribute to a healthy body and mind even though they do not cost anything. I like to call them little pleasures.

Anyone who knows me knows that I love my bed so much. After a stressful day, or being away from home for a long time, I long for my bed desperately. That's like my sanctuary, its where I do most of my thinking, writing or just chilling and watching TV. Apart from sleeping in it (and yes, I love my
sleep), it just feels very comforting and cosy being on my bed. I wouldn't trade it for any sofa or couch.

Having good friends and family that always have your back. not everyone is lucky to have this so if you do, be thankful. There's an adage that says 'money is vanity but if you have people you are rich' which is very true. Everybody needs somebody either to talk to or to help out of a tough situation. There mustn't be a lot, just few dependable people who can laugh with you, cry with you, do the craziest things together with you and build good memories. It's the little things that matter.

The sweet innocence of babies gets me all the time. their toothless chuckle that can melt the most stony heart, the way the get angry with you one minute, and the next you are best of friends, the babbling sounds they make, the way they watch you keenly and try to imitate every single thing they've seen you do...It always compensates for the most horrible of days.

The fact that I'm free to express myself whenever, wherever and anyhow I want is exhilarating. Ever imagined a situation where there were restrictions on things like these? No? It's better left to the imagination.

The sound of credit alert can even wake a dead person from the grave. It is one drug that can make you high instantly! It is the only thing that can change your mood and people will be wondering 'what's up with you dude'? But you are the only one who understands what's going on. I know you guys understand where I'm coming from. If you get an alert every month, you are part of a lucky few. Most people do not have a job or a business that gives them money.

Just admiring the wonders of nature is sheer pleasure. Have you ever sat out in your garden to enjoy the cool evening breeze and watch the trees sway from side to side? or just simply listen to the waves from the seas? Admiring the beautiful flowers and every other work of creation has such a calming effect on the mind. You should try it if you haven't.

Its such a pleasurable feeling to be in good health and have every part of my body functioning properly. I have been to the hospitals and seen sick and disabled people struggle to carry out even the smallest tasks. Anytime I tend to feel ungrateful the thought of these people always humbles me and calls me back to order. I have hands to work, legs to walk with, ears to hear, eyes to see, mouth to talk and eat with and a highly functional brain, What's not to be thankful for? lol

I could go on and on. Just look around you and you'll see that things are not so bad after all. Look for happiness around you, Its always there, we just don't look well enough.

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