Saturday, 31 December 2016


I'm usually very excited this time of the year not just because of the festivities and merriment that go on during this period but because it's a time for stock taking. Companies round up their accounts as well as businesses. Reports are being made on activities that went on in the year. This is how organisations get to know how well or how badly they've performed. Personal stocktaking is not different from this. At the beginning of each year most people draw up a list of things they hope to achieve. Some others come up with new year resolutions, others have a list of prayers that they need God to answer. These are all expectations we have and goals we set for ourselves. Doing this acts as a compass guiding us through the year and helping us stay focused so we do not deviate from the plan. 

 As we journey through the year, some people tick off those things they've accomplished from the list therefore having an idea of their progress so far. The reality is that while others may have accomplished most of the things on their to-do list for the year, others may not have done half of it, and there are still some that may not have had the luxury of actualizing anything from theirs. This may be largely dependent on the amount of effort they put into it, or just sheer luck. Whichever one it is for you, let go of the disappointment, lick your wounds and brave up.  

What is that thing that's making you feel that you have been a failure in 2016? Have you ever thought about the fact maybe it wasn't the time for it to happen yet, or that you simply needed to use a different approach? Or that because you focused so much on that one thing it stopped you from embracing the bigger one that was to come. Ever looked at it from that perspective? 
Granted, seeing people around you succeeding and looking like everything has come together for them can make you feel a little low but come on! It's not the end of the world, you have been given another opportunity to make things right. As you step into the new year:

  • Be positive 
  • Leave the past behind you. Do not let your mistakes or failure define you. 
  • Do things differently 
  • Go the extra mile 
  • PUSH -"pray until something happens" 

See you all in 2017... hugs and kisses 

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