Tuesday, 14 February 2017


Happy Valentine's day everyone. Do you guys have anything planned for today? Someone should please make me their Val because I'm not doing anything today. I stopped attaching any importance to valentine's day a long time ago because I believe showing love to others shouldn't happen once a year and on the other hand people tend to misinterpret the idea behind this day.

I was chatting with a friend's daughter the other day and the issue of valentine's day came up. I asked her what she understood by Val's day and she replied that it is a day that "boyfriends and girlfriends celebrate their love for each other". I was astonished to hear this from a ten year old girl still in primary school, after I recovered from my laughter, I had to quickly correct her that it wasn't just about romantic love.

I remember the first time I got to know about valentine's day, I was still a junior student in secondary school. That morning was so busy in my hostel, senior students had woken up earlier than usual and paid particular attention to their looks while getting ready for school, I noticed they were also wrapping gifts and addressing cards. In my state of confusion I heard someone mention valentine's day hence my first understanding of what the 14th of February meant- that I had to have a Val who would write me lines upon lines of endearing words professing undying love for me, I had to give out gifts and also expect some in return, and that day was a day for jollification.

There's nothing absolutely wrong with doing any of these things but I think the purpose for which this day was set aside to be celebrated goes beyond all these. People who have a wrong perception about the day are left depressed and heart broken if their expectations are not met.

On that note I just want to say this, enjoy today the best way you can or feel like. Exchange gifts with friends and family if you want, go to somewhere fun, take pictures and have a good time, take some gift items to the less privileged, go for a valentine's day event in church, or just sit down in your house and watch movies, eat chocolate or open a bottle of wine. Better still, go about your normal activities, its not that serious, lol.

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