Friday, 3 March 2017


"My goodness! It's so hot in here Amaka, I feel like I'm going to roast sef" Inem said using her folder to fan herself.
"in that case let's sit outside instead under the shade at least we'll get some fresh air that way. Madam, Abeg bring our drinks outside" Amaka said signalling the waitress.
They were just taking a break from moving from one shop to the other in the complex trying to get the shop owners to open accounts with their bank.

"Hmmmm, the things I do for Rock foundation bank, see my suffering in this hot sun while the people making the mega bucks are seated in their air conditioner offices, please let me sit down and relax I'm so done for today.
"Tell me about it" Amaka responded rolling her eyes.
"Thank God its friiiidaaaay" she cried in a sing song voice.
"My dear, this weekend na better sleep get me, I and my bed will be absolutely inseparable. Thank God I don't have any event to attend. All I 'll do is sleep, wakeup, watch movies and sleep again".
"See you, lazy girl. Come let's attend a party together na, its tomorrow evening".
"Amaka I just said I don't want to go anywhere this weekend, don't tempt me"
"You know you want to come" Amaka replied winking at Inem. "Oya I'll send a taxi to pick you, you know it can be boring attending parties alone, I need a gossip partner".
"Oh wait, meaning I'm your gossip partner? You're not serious. Infact I'm not...., wait oh, is that not Ephraim entering that shop?"
Which shop? Amaka followed the direction of her eyes to see.
"The jewellery shop over there"
"He's the one oh,  I wonder what he's doing here, let me call his number".
She rummaged through her bag for her phone and dialled his number-
"Hello sugar, how has your day been"?
"You've just had lunch? Ok great, I'm just having mine too"
"Alright then, was just checking on you. See you later?"
"Love you too"

"What did he say?"
"He said he just finished having lunch in his office. That's strange because he didn't mention anything about coming here afterwards".
"Well, he's just entered a jewellery shop, what do you think its going to be?" Inem asked with a mischievous grin on her face.
"You think he's going to propose?" Her eyes lit up immediately.
"What else? He probably wants to surprise you, how romantic! This weekend is going to be great!"
"Inem I wonder what surprise he has up his sleeves this one he's being sneaky about it".
"Whatever it is be rest assured it will be a pleasant surprise. My friend is getting hitched, I can't wait to hear the good news and how it was all planned out. In fact I'm not coming to the party with you anymore. I want to hear all about it on Monday morning please".
"I hear you. Let's go back to the office if you have finished your drink, I have reports to submit.
With that they picked up their bags and left after paying for their drinks.

It was another Monday morning and almost everyone was seated for the branch meeting. Inem caught amaka's eye and they both smiled at each other. She couldn't contain her excitement. She just managed to sit through the entire meeting and as soon as it was over she rushed over to Amaka.
"How far, how did it go? Give me the full gist jare"
"Inem there's nothing to tell".
"What do you mean there's nothing to tell"?
"There was no proposal"
"Ah ah! So what did he get from the jewellery shop?"
"My dear, he only went to buy me this gold necklace I'm wearing. He said its a belated birthday gift since he didn't have the money to get it for me when it was my birthday"
"wow, this is nice. Is it real gold?"
"Yes it is" Amaka said rolling her eyes.
"Meanwhile you need to see me when I went to see him over the weekend. Every time he left the room I was searching his bags, pockets and every place possible trying to catch a glimpse of the ring or any other surprises he had up his sleeves but I couldn't find any. I even searched his face to see if he was expressing any kind of anxiety but there was none. Every time he spoke to me i thought he was going to pop the question. The suspense was too much I thought I would faint so I had to come out plain"
"You did?"
"Yea, I just told him i had seen him at the jewellery shop. That's when he brought out the case from his pocket and handed it over to me. The case was too big to be a ring but my heart kept beating fast as i opened it and this is what I found. Poor Ephraim he thought I didn't like the gift, little did he know I was expecting a ring"
"Oh dear, don't be disappointed"
"Me disappointed?  No I'm not. Maybe I was initially, but now that I think of it, I'll like to be thoroughly surprised when he pops the question. I don't want to suspect anything. Our relationship is doing well so no worries.
"That's the spirit girl, come on let's get to work before BM catches us"

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